Places + Children = Learning

Places is a partnership between artists, architects and schools working to develop an innovative approach to promote creative learning in young children. Our work explores ways in which the experience of buildings and living in urban spaces can help children to construct and expand their learning. This is a collaborative approach involving children, teachers and families and the emphasis is on learning taking place in the context of the city.


The individuals who make the built environment their own


The surroundings on which our lives are focused


The spaces and structures in which our lives take place


Groups of people defined by culture and tradition


The circumstances and events that influence our lives


The feelings and emotions that we experience in and about places

The outcome of each project varies but it records and reflects on the learning that has taken place in both words and image. This process of learning is communicated in either an exhibition or film that communicates the enrichment that has been generated in the children’s lives and those of their families. It is this process of enrichment that is fundamental to the work of the partnership and the driving force of our work.

Catherine Clements
Daniel Wheatley